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Galvanize​d pipes – An unhealthy foe

Years ago, before the 50s, lead was one of the most popular metals used in home plumbing and drainage systems. When lead was banned from use, it was replaced with galvanized pipes. These still exist in older homes today.

Here’s why you want to replace these old pipes.

  • Over time, the inside of the pipe starts to corrode, creating rust that leaches into your drinking water.
  • Rusted pipes give your water a nasty smell and taste, which is not good for your family.
  • Rusty water in your laundry will discolour your clothes.
  • Corroding pipes and rust build-up will restrict water flow to your home, resulting in low water pressure.

If you still have galvanized pipes in your home, consider updating them to copper or PEX piping and get rid of this nasty foe! 

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