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Is it time to update your toilet?

When it c​omes to renovating your bathroom, one of many decisions to make is which toilet to choose. Will it be the elongated bowl or the round one? It all b​oils down to a matter of taste, functionality and design. Here are some thoughts on each to help you decide.

Elongated bowls are considered more 'hygienic' because of their larger surface area and opening. They’re also easier to use for people ​with limited mobility. And, one-piece models are also easier to clean.

Although the elongated bowls, especially the one-piece design, may be a sleeker, more space-efficient alternative, if your bathroom space is limited, an elongated bowl may fall short. Also, if you have small children, the extra large opening and surface space may be a challenge in the early years.

Round bowls are great space savers and will provide more room to move around in those smaller bathrooms. They’re also easier for small children to maneuver. A downside to the round bowl is its smaller surface area making it an easier target for accidental messes and therefore less hygienic.

So, which will it be – the elongated bowl or the round one?​

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